Satellite Shelter

User Research | Product Design | Rapid Prototyping

Satellite Shelter provides an affordable, high quality, temporary
shelter alternative for homeless individuals in extreme winter. I
work as a Product designer and Creative Technologist.
My role at Satellite Shelter includes user research, contextual
enquiry to understand different stakeholders such as homeless
individuals, emergency shelter organizations, and government
agencies. I am responsible for creating custom insulation and
humidity testing rigs for prototypes that get developed and analysis
of different industry and off the shelf fabric materials to validate
their use towards our designs.
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Blue Slide Laboratory

Real world computing | Computer Vision | Game Design | Situated Learning

The Blue Slide Laboratory engages young learners(4th- 8th grade) in educational and
performative experiences at the playground by connecting physics and math principles
to imaginative play and interaction using augmented reality technology.
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SPUNK : Tangible gaming for children using Augmented Reality

User Experience | Game Design | Mobile AR prototyping

Virtual environment is augmented onto physical surroundings
to transform any space into tangible play environment.
SPUNK is based on astronomy and works as ‘head – fake’ to introduce
children to various celestial objects. Phone is used as gaming device and
physical movement unfolds the gamplay
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Zero Sum- Board Game based on Concept of Zero

Game Design | User Testing

Zero Sum is designed to playfully teach children (age group 5 and above)
basic arithmetic operations and order of operations, focusing on achieving
a high repeat play value even after the concept of the game is understood.
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User Experience | Augmented Objects

A tangible, handheld tour of Carnegie Mellon University using augmented reality
which can be experienced from any part of the world

SWAYAM- Communication Pico-Satellite

Team Leadership | Electronics Circuit Design and Development

The COEP Satellite (SWAYAM) project is aimed at developing a reliable bidirectional
communications platform. Being one of the founding members of the satellite project,
I have been part of Payload team and Power subsystem. I led the Power Subsystem during
2009-2011 and was Admin Lead of the satellite project during 2010-11. I contributed to
solar panels research, design and testing of battery monitor circuits,
load protection, current and voltage sensors. SWAYAM is continuous effort of student body
of College of Engineering Pune. The team has finished fabricating the Flight model of the Satellite
and handed it over to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
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